Do cupcakes need to be ordered in advance?

Can cupcake orders be placed by phone or email?

Do I have to wait in line for custom order pick-ups?

Is pre-payment of a cupcake order expected?

Should cupcakes baked by Cupcakes101 be stored in the refrigerator?

Can a cupcake flavor be ordered that is not in the rotation for the day of pickup?

Does Cupcakes101 only bake cupcakes?

Does Cupcakes101 offer mini-cupcakes?

Does Cupcakes101 make low-fat, or sugar-free, cupcakes?

Does Cupcakes101 make gluten-free, or vegan, cupcakes?

Are Cupcakes101 cupcakes allergen-free?

Does Cupcakes101 tweet?

Does Cupcakes101 offer tastings?