Candy Store

Cupcakes101 offers old time sweet treats in the shop. Stop by today and check out our selection. Candy selection may vary depending on availability from our distributors.

Old Time Candy
Pop Rocks Assorted Flavors
Sour Straws
Strawberry Laces
Rock Candy Assorted
Jelly Belly Gift Boxes
Sugar Babies
Nostalgia Tootsie Rolls
Wonka Bottle Caps, Pixie Stix, Fun Dip, Nerds on a Rope & Runts
Sweetheart Chews
Cow Tales
Teaberry Gum
Clove Gum
Big League Chew Grape & Original Bubblegum
El Bubble Bubble Gum Cigars
Sugar Daddies Regular & Giant
Necco Wafers Chocolate & Assorted Flavors
Stick Candy Assorted Flavors
Swedish Fish
Giant Smarties
Mini Fruit Slices Assorted
Chocolate Ice Cubes
Chocolate Caramel
Dubble Bubble Gum
100 Grand Bars
5th Avenue
Baby Ruth
Original Chunky
Mr. Goodbar
Heath Bars
Hershey Almond, Dark Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, & Milk Chocolate Bars
Kit Kats Chocolate and White Chocolate
Annabelle Look Bar, Abba Zabba & Big Hunk
Mallo Cups
Milk Duds
Milky Way
Nestle Crunch
Reeses Sticks, Dark Chocolate PB Cup, Regular PB Cups & Pieces
Sky Bars
Snickers Regular, PB Square Bar & Almond Bar
Airhead Xtreme Sours
Bonomo Turkish Taffy Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla
Charleston Chew Chocolate, & Vanilla
Doscher’s Chewy Taffy Chocolate & Vanilla
Chicklets Fruit, Peppermint & Tiny Gum
Freshen Up Spearmint & Bubble Gum
Fruit Stripe Bubble Gum & Original
Pez – Disney Fairies, Toy Story, Princesses, Nascar, Marvel Heroes, Hello Kitty & Other Favorites
Flash Ring Pop
Broadway Rolls Strawberry
Candy But, Cigarettes & Neck
Charms Square Assorted Flavors
Chocolate Cigarettes
Mike & Ike
Dark Chocolate Peanut Chews
Nancy Adams Assorted Decade Boxes
Nonpareils Dark with White Seeds
M&M Peanut & Plain
Sixlets Assorted
Strawberry Licorice
Licorice Pastels
Alphabet Gummies
Gummy Bears & Assorted Gummies
Sour Bottles, Neon Bears, Brite Crawlers
Sour Patch Assorted Flavors
Fruit Sours
Peach Gummy Rings
Wax Lips
Whirly Pops
Candy Necklaces
Candy Buttons
Laffy Taffy
Giant Jaw Breakers
Gum Balls
Mini Jaw Breakers
Root Beer Barrel Candies